Gas prices strain CM students


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With the ongoing rise of gas prices, due to inflation and low supply of gasoline, people are having a difficult time being able to afford to fill their tanks. Especially teenagers with cars. Students at CM said rising gas prices have put pressure on them to make sacrifices in other parts of their lives. Rising gas prices affect more than just finances.

Senior Linda Paslay has been negatively impacted by gas prices. She said this: “The prices are too high, I can’t afford gas along with other things.” Paslay talked about how she has to make sacrifices to afford gas. “Gas is too expensive, I can’t afford to get my car serviced or repair anything.”

Senior Lillian Shaw said, “I must have a source of income, aka a job. I literally don’t have a choice about it.” She also explains how it affects her school life. She said, “As an involved high school student [having a job] is incredibly difficult…” Shaw also said she now has a distorted view of gas prices. “I don’t even know what a reasonable price for gas is anymore.”

With gas prices getting higher by the day, teenagers are having trouble filling their tanks, getting to school, service and repairing their cars, and participating in extracurricular activities after school. Through rising gas prices we see the effect of high costs for necessities change decisions in all areas of our lives.