Spirit week wrap-up

Spirit week wrap-up

HOCO spirit week is an exciting time for CM, as all students can get involved with the school through dressing up each day. Students are given a theme for the days of the week and follow that theme with their own style.

Not only students but teachers had a great time as well. For example, English teacher Jake Carlson said he enjoyed seeing country vs country club day the most.

The first day of spirit week, Monday, was generations day. The outfits for each grade goes as follows:
Freshmen: Babies
Sophomores: College students
Juniors: Adults
Seniors: Senior citizens
Even the teachers join in and participate as they dressed as the teens in their classrooms. This day was participated by all, but the two classes that stood out the most for their dress up skills were freshmans and seniors. Freshman wore onesies while carrying baby bottles and pacifiers. The seniors were seen with gray hair, house slippers, robes, and canes or walkers. Monday was a great start for spirit week and the fun was yet to come.

For Tuesday of senior week all grades were assigned different themes. Freshman were nerds, sophomores were hippies, juniors were punk rockers, and seniors were beach bums. The teachers dressed up as well as they wore their favorite team/players jersey. The two notable grades that dressed the best were freshmen and juniors.

On Wednesday students dressed up as either country or country club. The majority of the students dressed as country, but a few were seen walking around with tennis skirts, polos, and carrying around golf clubs. The teachers followed the themes for that day with the best dressed teacher being Mr. Gruen out of all of the students’ opinions. “Who the best dressed teacher was? Oh, Mr. Gruen by far. No one compared.”, says Isla (freshman).

Thursday, the day awaited by all students, color wars, was one to remember. With the colors green, red, blue, and black, filling up the school, all students went all out for this day. Freshman were green, sophomores red, juniors blue, and seniors black. The seniors, as it was their last color wars, were by far the best dressed class in their black jerseys, fishnets, and war paint. The senior hallway/staircase was also by far the best decorated compared to everyone else’s as the signs on the walls spoke for themselves. Thursday was clearly the most favorite and most participated day that spirit week had seen that far.

Friday wasn’t special for the theme (purple and gold), but instead for the pep rally that happened at the end of the school day. WIth the band blaring and the cheerleaders hyping up the crowd, the pep rally was one to remember and a great way to close out an even better spirit week.

Many freshmen said their first color wars was by far the most popular pick. Many also enjoyed country day and would like to see themes such as “Decades Day” and “Anything but a Backpack Day.”

Liam Shane (9th grade) stated, “It was good and really fun!”

Another freshman Parker Wulf said, “It was super fun. I really enjoyed it! I am ready for next year!”

Spirit week, the week where students and staff come together, is adored by all, and everyone here at CM is already counting down the days for next year.