CM embraces PLC model

CM embraces PLC model

CM went bigger and better for students this year, not only with facility improvements but academic improvements as well.

All faculty and staff are partaking in Professional Learning Community meetings and will eventually break off into Professional Learning Teams to work collaboratively to establish school missions, visions, and to collectively assess curriculum to provide students with engaging experiences to further benefit the school community.

PLC meetings are held every other Wednesday, with students being dismissed at 12:36 at the high school.

The benefits of PLC days are already showing around CM, according to Principal Justin Newell. He highlighted an improvement that stood out to him as being, “consistency in classrooms and high levels of standards.” Rules are being enforced mutually with the same consistency and impact by all staff, he said. This has improved focus in classrooms and is improving the pace of learning for students.

CM English teacher McKenzie Sutton said she is looking forward to the PLCs. “I am really enjoying our PLC days so far. I am always looking for more opportunities to collaborate and improve my practice with my colleagues. With PLCs, not only will we have more time to collaborate, but teachers will be given the chance to use data to make changes that will positively impact the learning for all students in the classroom.”

While staff are continuing to improve our school on future PLC days, students can also use the early dismissal in beneficial ways. As an example, students can use these days to work on long-term projects, build involvement in extracurricular activities, and emotionally unwind.