Math department adds Phillips


One of the newest members of our teaching staff at Civic Memorial is Bradley Phillips.

Phillips enjoys reading scientific articles, going to the gym, and
going to baseball games. He also owns two bearded dragons. His favorite state to visit is Wyoming. “[T]he state has some interesting history and I enjoy cold weather,” he remarks. Additionally, Phillips is a huge Marvel fan.

This is his first year teaching, after graduating from SIUE with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. However, this is not his first year at CM! Mr. Phillips substituted in Alyssa Spa’s classroom during the 2020-21 school year. When asked about his opinion of CM, Phillips responded: “So far, I have enjoyed CM. The students are well-behaved and respectful.”

Phillips teaches geometry in room 242. He likes math because “It helps me better understand the way that the world works.”

Phillips is also taking on an extracurricular endeavor. “I am also the scholar bowl sponsor this year. So, if you want to join the scholar bowl team, come on down to room 242!”