The show must go on: CM drama, band, and choir to perform pandemic style

The show must go on: CM drama, band, and choir to perform pandemic style

With CM moving to remote learning, the dates of these events are subject to change.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there have had to be adjustments implemented into our everyday lives. With things constantly changing and events being rescheduled for later times, it can be very difficult to still enjoy activities that used to occur in person. Luckily CM has a whole line up of streamed events for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

The original fall play “Radium Girls” that was supposed to be performed on November 6th and 7th has been postponed indefinitely. With many students heavily involved in the drama program disappointed and looking for an after school activity to pass the time, our drama department was faced with a difficult task: They had to find a show that could be put together in a short amount of time that didn’t have to be rehearsed every day. The solution was “Christmas Shorts,” a virtual Christmas-themed streamed production. This production is composed of many comedy skits and features numerous students, faculty, and faculty children. The production will be available to stream on Facebook and Youtube on December 11th.

Some other streamed events coming up are the high school and middle school band and choir concert recordings. The band and choir have been working incredibly hard on music pieces for this holiday season. Director of bands Michaela Davis said, “The band has had quite a few hurdles come their way this year, but with patience, flexibility, and passion, they’ve overcome them all! The band is recording their Christmas concert, similar to what we did with our fall concert, and one of the difficulties during this process has been how our class is currently split up. We have woodwinds in one hour and brass and percussion in another. A concert band is made on these instruments combining to create one sound and rehearsing without half of the ensemble makes for a challenge! One of the things that have consistently kept me positive aboutthe school year has been the students. Change is hard no matter what situation it’s involved in,but with change comes new opportunities. The students that are in the band have been positive,upbeat, and have faced every challenge this year with a can-do attitude. While we are all looking forward to normal, we have learned a lot about ourselves and our program throughout this pandemic. When we eventually go back to normal, I think it’s important to be reflective on what changes would still be good to incorporate from this situation.”

The TMS and CMHS fall concerts are already available to stream so you can check those out while the bands continue to prepare for their Christmas concert. Choir director, Matthew Juergemeier said, “Choir has been okay for me. Due to the social distancing we are able to abide by in the auditorium. The masks stay securely over the nose and mouth at all times, and this is policed with tremendous intensity. It is tiring to teach with the mask, but a necessary step to ensure that everyone remains safe.” The plan is for the choir concert to be emailed out to parents and students in addition to being posted on the school’s Facebook page and website no later than December 18th.