Ask Amy – January 2020

Poppy asks “Someone keeps talking about me negatively to my peers to make my friends not like me, how do I get this to stop?”

Well Poppy, confrontation can be hard, especially around our friends. You could confront them and tell them how you feel. You could also tell your friends to not believe what the other people are saying. If they’re truly your friends they will understand whats going on. If the problem continues, I suggest seeking guidance from a trusted adult

– Sincerely, Amy

S03 asks, “Why is junior year so rough? Is it because there is more work or just harder classes? Or am I just not motivated enough?”

As a fellow junior, I can relate. I think Junior year is tough because you’re starting to be considered an adult and you’re also starting to prepare for college. Many juniors also sign up for college credit classes, which are way harder than what we are used to. The S.A.T is also on our minds. Students are trying to make good grades and prepare for standardized tests. All of this can be stressful and overwhelming. Just remember it’s okay to take a break and enjoy fun things. We don’t always need to be stressing about school and our grades. Taking a break and chilling can be very beneficial to our mental health.

– With best of luck, Amy