CM offers club geared toward entrepreneurs, marketers

CM offers club geared toward entrepreneurs, marketers

Real-life opportunities are something every high school wants to incorporate into the curriculum, and CM has added a new club to aid students interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and hospitality. The first meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 12, in room 214 during study hall.

DECA, which stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America, is our newest club started by business teacher Jerilynn Hawkins. DECA is open to everyone and aims to provide career and college preparation.

Members of DECA participate in the DECA Competitive Events Program to show their understanding of the topics, which gives them opportunities to go to conferences about college and careers. Up to $200,000 in scholarships is available through DECA.

Hawkins says, “In our school chapter, we will work on developing business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions. DECA provides a co-curricular opportunity for students to receive career and technical education support to enhance school-based and work-based learning.”

DECA is a part of the Career and Technical Education Student Organization, which has 8 organizations. One of them is the Future Farmers of America, which is also new to CM. FFA is led by new faculty member Greg Wiegand. Hawkins said even more clubs are in the works.

“We hope to add one more career and technical student organization in the future in the area of Family and Consumer Science,” Hawkins said.