Strategy Club is back

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There is a new upcoming club here at Civic Memorial: Strategy Club! This is hosted by Charles Baldwin, a social studies teacher.

Strategy club is for anyone interested in the mathematical and practical analysis of strategies for dealing with competitive situations. The study of this is called game theory. Game theory deals with probability, decision-making skills, and critical thinking.

Baldwin said that he tried to start this club last year, but everyone interested were seniors and about to graduate. “Due to renewed interest and student-led interest from Tyler Winegardner and Ryan Lynn, I thought we could bring it back,” Baldwin said. Tyler and Ryan are both sophomores.

Baldwin has games like Risk, Stratego and, Axis and Allies. “I encourage members to bring in their games and teach us how to play,” said Baldwin. There is a sign in interest sheet in room 244 in the social studies wing. The first official meeting will be January 30 during study hall. Following that, meetings will be once a week on Thursdays.