Carlson is a new dad


As many of you know, Jacob Carlson, a teacher in the English department, recently adopted a baby boy.

“The adoption process is a little different in each state,” Carlson says, “and it’s very different depending on the situation.” Carlson explains that he and his wife adopted through a local agency. They also spent six months learning about adoption.

“After that, we waited until the agency contacted us to say that an expecting couple wanted to meet with us,” Carlson said.

Following that, Carlson and his wife met up with the couple. Everyone was able to get to know each other. Carlson added, “We were matched and waited together for the exciting day!”
Carlson feels that adoption was the best path for growing his family. He was also happy to open his home to a beautiful child.

Carlson said the process was stressful, but he had faith everything would work out.

“Having a child is always stressful, no matter the road a family takes! As this is our first child, we have all the same nervousness about raising a baby, but it’s also an incredible joy.” He continues, “Waiting can be hard as well since there’s no clear timeline on when everything will happen–we just had to trust patiently!”

A note from Carlson to the readers:
“Adoption can be an incredible gift for everyone involved–the child, the first family, and the adoptive family. Our desire is to raise him to love and be loved by all of the people in his life, and to never feel as if he has to hide any part of who he is.”