Davis leaving CM



Shortly before Christmas break, Trimpe and CM’s beloved band director, Michaela Davis, announced that this school year will be her final year teaching in BCUSD 8. This decision has not been an easy one for her, but, like many people, she desires to be with her family, and her parents will be retiring in Arizona for a change from the midwest weather. Despite the stress surrounding the move, Davis looks forward to continuing her music education journey, and hopes to find a job teaching middle school band, but she is open to whatever opportunities come her way.

Of course, this means that CM will have a new band director starting the next school year. This idea has been nerve-wracking for many of Davis’s students, especially those who have only been taught by her for their entire band career, but most are trying to stay open-minded and be optimistic about what’s to come. Davis, having been a new director at our school just a few years ago, looks forward to meeting the new director and seeing what they bring to the program. She reflects, “when I came into this program, our Marching Eagles performed their field show at home football games and one or two field competitions, but they were really competitive in parade competitions and performances. Leaving this program, CMHS has a competitive marching band that performs at all home football games, 3 to 4 competitions per season, and not only places at the competitions but this past season, they placed first in their class for the first time in a long time.”

When asked to give advice to her students who are worried about the change, she said: “Remember WHY you joined band. Focus on the fact that this program exists because of you and it succeeds solely because of what you put into it. YOU are the root of this program and YOU make it what it is. Allow yourself to build trust with whoever steps in to lead you. They only want the best for this program, and even if you don’t understand their decisions at the moment, let them find their place. Lift them up; don’t tear them down.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunities you have given me and trusting me to lead you. You have all impacted me in some way and you will stay with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to cherishing the next few months with you,” Davis thanks her students in the final part of the interview. Thank YOU, Ms. Davis, and have a great time in Arizona!