NHS & ENCO give hope


NHS and ENCO students at food drive

CM’s National Honor Society and Eagle Nation Community Outreach went to the Hope Center Friday to deliver food from the NHS food drive and help stock the shelves.

Sixteen students went on the trip: Allie Lively, Guadalupe Calixto, Toni Reynolds, Maireli Figueroa, Kylie Thomas, Hayden Bodwell, Aniston Naumann, Olivia Hamman, Akoya Smith, Courtney Picklesimer, Kaitlyn Pfeifer, Peyton Keller, Collin Elledge, Matthew Haar, Emily Williams, and Ella Middleton.

Suze Gibson, NHS faculty sponsor, was pleased with the food drive. “It was exciting to see our students be able to serve our community in need and to watch them come together to meet our goal to provide a happy Thanksgiving to many.”

The goal of the drive was 1000 items, and 1200 were actually collected. The top donator from each class will receive a $20 QuickTrip gift card.