Media Club takes off


Over the past two years, CM’s Media Club has tripled in size and reach. Brett Kalker came to CM after Donnell Campbell retired in 2018. Kalker taught speech classes at various community colleges, including Lewis and Clark.

His first two years consisted of building up the program and getting acquainted through many meetings with Lewis and Clark. Kalker says that he was finally able to get a class on the schedule with constant advertising and dropping bugs in people’s ears about radio.

This first class faced challenges: low numbers and covid. There were many limitations on what was attainable. With only being at school for a few days every week and having an ever-changing schedule throughout the year, it was difficult to create traction and advertise for the projects that they were putting out, Kalker said.

Fast forward to this year, and the class consists of 21 students producing an increasing number of products.

Along with the radio station that runs every day with many different DJ shows, there have been many projects produced this year: We are Civic Eagle pride video, Blood Drive advertisement, and Weekly Video Announcements, just to name a few. In addition, the Radio Club also live streams many events for the school such as the halftime shows at football games and the Homecoming Ceremony.
With the amount of production that is coming from the class, the next step, according to Kalker, is making more students aware of what is being done by the class and the club while also continuing to grow and create more high quality projects.

If you are ever looking for something to listen to, tune in to 89.9-2 and you might hear some of your peers’ music selection, learn something about an artist in between songs, or catch part of a talk show.