It’s Spooky Time, CM!

Its Spooky Time, CM!

Halloween is rapidly approaching in Eagle Nation, so we set out to see how CM students celebrate the spooky season.

Eagle Nation has quite varied tastes when it comes to what makes halloween special, but surprisingly, no one listed pumpkin picking, hayrides, or bonfires as their favorite activities of the season. The most common answers were Halloween parties and costumes, whether on themselves, others, or even their pets. Sophomore Keagan Withers said that his favorite part of the season is watching scary movies and eating candy, which is difficult to argue with. Senior Kaili Stanford loves going to local Halloween parades, specifically citing Edwardsville’s as the best. Senior Griffin Crump enjoys watching YouTube horror specials, while Jon Crady prefers to eat the candy that is intended to be handed out to trick-or-treaters.

When it came to the best Halloween candy, the most popular answers were Hershey’s chocolate, various forms of Reese’s, and chocolate in general. Some other chocolatey answers included Kit-Kats, Twix, Heath, and M&Ms—Senior Tommy Strubhart, however, went against the grain with an answer of “not chocolate.” Fruity candies, like Airheads, Sour Lifesaver Gummies, Skittles, and gummy bears, were also listed. The classic Halloween candy, candy corn, was only listed once.

For the worst candy, the most popular answers were also chocolate, including Snickers, Crunch, and Payday. Sophomore Ella Richey said that her least favorite candy to get on Halloween is Sixlets, and seniors Guadalupe Calixto and Abigail DeSherlia both hate Dots. A few people, including freshman Bella Price, reported their least favorite candy to be Twizzlers.

The favorite Halloween movie of Eagle Nation was clear—the original Halloween was listed more than any other movie, but Tommy broke away from the mold once again by saying that the newest Halloween, Halloween Kills, is his favorite. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Scream were also popular answers among those who responded to our survey. Bella Price and senior Abigail DeSherlia both responded with Hocus Pocus, and senior Kenna Lambert, who loves watching old Disney Halloween movies with her family, favors Halloweentown. Ella Richey’s favorite is Trick ‘r Treat, while sophomore Kaitlyn Rider and senior Caroline Coffmann love them all, and senior Katlyn Busse isn’t one for watching movies.

Anaiah Dabney’s favorite memory involves a haunted house: “I remember when I went with my brother to a haunted house, there was a horrifying clown employee. They popped out of the corner, me and my brother screamed loudly in shock! It was a frightening incident for me and him. Soon laughter began and it was a hilarious moment. I remember vividly how scared we were. We still talk about it till this day.”

Lashonda Tillman enjoyed her time at a pumpkin patch. “My favorite halloween costume would have to be when i was in fifth grade. I was a pink power ranger, I went with most of my family. We went to a pumpkin patch and I got a huge pumpkin. I named it Sally. I wanted it to look spooky so I painted it as a ghost and carved it a little. By far that has been a memory that has always stuck with me.”

No matter your favorite candy, activity, or movie, we at the Eaglet wish you a very happy Halloween and a safe spooky season!