Gibson’s got windows


As most of you know, CM’s former social studies teacher Josh Lemond took an administrator position at another school. While this may be upsetting, it has allowed for a wonderful change for our beloved Mrs. Gibson!

Sure Gibson, who teaches dual-credit U.S. and art history classes, has moved from room 205 in the English wing to Lemond’s old room, 242 in the Social Studies wing. The biggest upgrade for this new space is the addition of windows!

“Having windows is such a luxury for me,” says Gibson. “Windows that allow for natural light to come into a room are not just pleasant but have significant benefits as well.” She is most excited for her windows due to the aforementioned benefits on mental and physical health of both her and her students. Gibson cites studies by Cornell and Staples stating, “…80 percent of office workers said that having good lighting in their workspace is important to them; about one-third said better lighting would actually make them happier at work and I can actually attest to this, as I do feel happier in my new room.”
When asked if she enjoys her new room, Mrs. Gibson said, “I enjoy my new room immensely. Luckily, I was able to spend a few days in my room before school started to clear it out, clean the walls, and really make it my own.” She says she prefers an organized environment, noting that an overcrowded classroom with too many posters or decorations can overwhelm a student’s working mind.
Additionally, Gibson comments on the size of her new room compared to her old one: “My room is definitely bigger than my old room, and especially given what we are going through with Covid, that has been a real benefit for the safety of us all. I am now able to space out my desks with 6 feet distance between each one, and I’m looking forward to opening my windows on the beautiful Fall days that are coming our way to get some ventilation.”
All in all, I think it’s safe to say that Mrs. Gibson loves her new space! “Personally, I’m planning to stay in this room until the day I retire. I don’t feel there is a better room for me. It feels like I received the equivalent of what they call in business, ‘the corner office.’”