Hosto makes his business dreams come true


Hosto with his merchandise

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes for everyone, but some CM students are taking advantage of the situation.

Senior Shane Hosto is one of those students. When lockdown began in March, Hosto decided to seize the opportunity to do something he has always wanted to do: sell his own merchandise.

“I had always wanted to sell my own clothes at one point, so I used the start of the lockdown as an opportunity to do so,” Hosto said.

In the beginning, Shane started out making his tie-dye clothes in his basement and selling them through Instagram, but once his business took off he was given the opportunity to sell in a store.

Since July of 2020, Shane has been selling through the Bonar Boutique. He has been with them since then, but now he also sells through the online boutique, Gabi & Grace. Shane still makes all of his clothes in his basement.

Let’s all take a moment to look up to someone like Shane and learn to seize the moment and the opportunities we are given. Make sure to check out his incredible clothes and support our fellow Eagle!