Chappell’s business shines


New businesses are booming at Civic Memorial High School! Many students throughout the COVID-19 quarantine have adopted new hobbies and interests. Some students have gone as far as making their own businesses so they can turn passions into profit.

One of those students is Junior Hailey Chappell. She started her shop in September of 2020 through the website service BigCartel. When asked what inspired her to make her shop she answered, “I had started making earrings for myself and for friends and I thought, ‘why not make some money off of something I love’”.

In this shop, she offers handmade earrings, pendants, herbal tea lights, and spell jars— a collection of different herbs, flowers, and crystals known to influence different emotions compiled into a cute glass jar. Also available in her shop are handmade glass jar lamps made by CM graduate Austin Prindable.

With more merchandise to come soon, her store is certain to have a little something for everybody. Hailey says that, to her surprise, the business has picked up due to COVID-19. Since her store is online, it is easily accessible to many different people and with the surge of support for small businesses, she has gotten more traffic through her shop. On the other hand, “Shipping has been difficult”, she remarks. “With the pandemic and holidays together, shipping time gets delayed a lot. The lines at the post office are insane!” Hailey says.

During these difficult times, patience is key! Each package is made to order and hand-assembled so there may be a delay in package arrival. If you are interested in checking out her shop you can find her on her website, Instagram @mossyfrogapothecary, or on Facebook as “Mossy Frog!”