Student predictions for 2021

Student predictions for 2021

2020 was the year that no one saw coming. Kicking off last year everyone was filled with hope. This hope was soon demolished in the wake of a worldwide pandemic, threats of murderous hornets, and some of the worst forest fires the world has ever seen. Looking forward to 2021, people figured that it could not possibly get any worse than 2020. This left people all across the world wondering, what’s next? In an era of unpredictability, I ventured out to see what my peer’s predictions for the new year were.

Sophomore Zach Fitzgerald’s prediction was, “I think it’ll [2021] will be better than 2020, but the beginning of 2021 will still feel like the bad of 2020”.
Many students focused on the impacts that COVID-19 will have moving forward. Some students show caution like Junior Virginia Shelton who remarks, “ The [COVID] vaccine will be rolled out and everyone will probably go back out too soon.”

Senior Tori Standefer says, “ Everyone will celebrate March 13th because that was when the world changed due to COVID.”. She then followed with optimism stating, “I think COVID will always be present but this summer will be the transition ‘back to normal.”
Some students have hope that the future will, in fact, be better. Senior Maya Wimberly says she thinks “The polar bears will be okay.”

Other students’ predictions were wild such as Junior Isabella Norton who implied that 2020 was merely the trailer for the movie that is 2021 and Senior Austin Scheffel whose only comment was “Aliens.”

Some students were so traumatized by the events of 2020 that they didn’t want to bring any “bad juju” into the new year. Many students agree with students such as Senior Shane Hosto who put it simply by saying, “I’m gonna be honest, I don’t want to jinx it [2021]”.