Student council sponsors clothing drive

Student council sponsors clothing drive

It is officially October! It’s time for fall leaves, pumpkin spice (which is delicious and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), and cozy sweaters. This time of year, it gets very cold, and it’s important to remember that not everyone has access to good quality warm clothes.

The Hope Center and many organizations like it have tried to help by providing clothes to those who need them. However, while many people like to donate old clothes, some things cannot be used when you donate them, like socks and underwear—those must be new. This has led to a shortage of such items, as many aren’t buying stuff just to donate it. Student Council sponsor Jerilynn Hawkins and the Student Council are trying to do their part to alleviate this shortage, and are asking you to help.

The Student Council is asking that each student try to bring in a pair of news ocks for this fundraiser. ​Anyone can donate – the collection bins are set up in the Commons by class (kind of making this a class competition). Even if one person in your friend group takes charge and collects 75 cents to a dollar from 4 other people, they can go to Dollar General and purchase a package of 6 pairs of socks for $5. Any little bit helps.

“I am excited to kick off the Student Council’s first service project of the year,” said Hawkins. “I encourage and look forward to a lot of student participation. Through the generous donations of new pairs of socks, our student body will help those living on the streets, in shelters or in transitional living spaces.”

The collection is from now to October 22. Contributors to the class that collects the most pairs of socks will be treated to cookies in the Corner Cafe during the morning advisory period on October 26 and 27.