Farewell, 3rd quarter

Farewell, 3rd quarter

Both teachers and students know how tough it can be coming back to school after Christmas break. Students are given homework again and teachers are left to teach new lessons and grade homework. Third quarter is a weird period of time. We are over halfway through the school year, but somehow it feels like we have so much school-time left.

“Every week there is something new to stress over. It’s hard to balance your time when there is so much going on” says Junior Mandy Drew.

But other students say they feel third quarter is a nice buffer between the end-of-semester crunch time that second and fourth quarters bring.

“It is more relaxed than the second and fourth quarter” says junior Madison McCabe.

Brianne Jakes, an English teacher at CM says, “As third quarter wraps up, I am very busy grading my sophomores’ To Kill a Mockingbird Literary Analysis essays.” It’s very hard to believe that the school year is almost over. There are a lot of seniors that I will miss!”

Math teacher Brad Gruen said that he looks forward to the quarter 3 exam.

“I like giving quarter exams because it is another chance for students to understand concepts before the quarter ends. They talk through problems and are able to use language that makes sense to each other. I really enjoy listening to the conversations around the topics and learning that is taking place. Most of the time these tests raise students’ grades, which is another benefit,” he said. “Fourth quarter goes by fast, so students need to stay on top of their assignments and come in for extra help whenever they need it!”