Holocaust Thoughts

Andrea Gray wrote this poem in Suze Gibson’s Lewis and Clark dual-credit history class.

History is set in stone, but the future is not. Our history, no matter how bleak, horrible, or unsettling, it will forever be there. You cannot ignore it for then it will only stick out more.
A life is a life Do not ignore that They lived in strife Their chests lay flat
No breath of love left
Gone from this world and onto the next Whoever thought a life would be turned into theft Just read through the text
A hate so putrid
The stench still lives on How deep is this evil rooted? Will it ever be gone?
Remembera​ llo​ fthem
Don’t let their death be in vain Grow a bloom out of this broken stem This world is our domain
We live here together Together we shall stay
But some storms we cannot weather Alas to my dismay
Is this how we repay life?
By killing millions because they are a contrast? This bitterness cuts my tongue like a knife For what has passed is not in the past
Our feet still stuck in mid air Jumping over h​ urdles Making ​progress,​ but is that fair? That this is all one big circle?