Expectations vs. reality

Expectations vs. reality

It’s pretty surprising how fast this school year has blown by. Seniors are preparing for life after high school, while freshman are still trying to figure things out. This year’s seniors and freshmen were asked how their year is playing out. Take a look at what some of our CM seniors and freshmen have to say about their expectations versus the reality of this school year.

Senior Sam Copeland said, “Rules no longer apply to us, we can wander around the hallways and not get yelled at. Although, the freshmen and underclassmen seem to be more afraid of us rather than looking up to us as leaders”

Senior Jaden Devino said, “I expected it to be easier than it is, it’s actually way harder. I was told by a few people it would be easy and that senior year is basically a blow off year. However, taking 3 college classes at once, is kind of difficult.”

Senior Kimmy Seely echoed Devin’s sentiments: “I expected senior year to be a lot easier, but I’m actually really stressed out.”

Senior Hana Harlan says, “Most people said senior year is the easiest year out of all four years of high school. Most people are now focused on their future.” On the other hand, Harlan said, “My senior year realization is that there’s so much more to life than school. Applying to out of state colleges shows me that the world is so much bigger and adventurous.”

Senior Mark Eldridge said it’s all in knowing what classes to take. “Knowing what I signed up for, I expected it to be pretty easy. I was right. In my opinion, junior year was way harder. As long as you don’t stack yourself with a difficult schedule, you’ll be fine.”

Freshman Jacob Baker said, “I honestly thought that the freshman year would be tough, and honestly, it is somewhat easy but can be tough at some times.”

Freshman Carter Bloodworth said, “Going into freshman year I thought that everything would be okay, but walking in on freshman day was a reality shock. The school was so much bigger than Trimpe and there was so much responsibility that I did not have in middle school. Now that it is 2nd quarter, I am more involved in extracurricular things and I know how things go. Now all I have to do is survive finals.”