Iambic pentameter masterpieces

Iambic pentameter masterpieces

Mrs. Smith’s English I classes recently wrote sonnets. Here are a few of the standouts:

I Think I’m In Love
By Annaliese Dankenbring

In love, but I’ve been feeling otherwise,
Electric shock with our hands intertwined,
Flutters in my stomach, not butterflies,
But cutting knives, and not the butter kind,
Looking in his eyes I feel I’ve drowned,
Charmed my his warm brown eyes each single day,
Like all at once, everything sweet was found,
Though he doesn’t always know what to say,
Compliments given, but my heart, the fee,
Body language is lost hieroglyphics,
His voice, a symphony but quite off-key,
But he’s so sweet, like rom-coms or picnics,
He stumbles on words like up a staircase,
To him, There is nothing I would erase.

Sonnet Form
By Hailey Becker

It was so cold and dark outside last night.

All the people were inside bundled up.

But the Christmas lights lit the sky up bright.

They got some chocolate milk in a cup.

While the people were warm they were singing.

This time of the year people are so joyful.

While outside there would be a sound ringing.

Outside in the cold it’s so colorful.

The farther into December it snows.

As the children sleep they dream about sweets.

All the lights in the dark begin to glow.

And when they awake they have many treats.

People gather around the christmas tree.

Children open presents with faces of glee.

How We Have Changed
By Elishka Little

It is hard to feel like life is wasted
There are always so many things to do
Sometimes i wish i could be sedated
So that life could slow down for me and you
Time moves much to fast for us to keep up
And mental health does not help out at all
It feels like no water is in your cup
The orders that we fill seem much to tall
I miss the feeling of being simple
Like our life was easy for us to live
Old pictures show smiling kids and dimples
Most of us don’t even have that to give
Life hurts, love hurts but that’s just how it is
And we try so hard to just be content