Ask Amy for November 2019

Harry asks this: I’m having problems with procrastination and getting distracted when I should be doing work. How do you suggest I stay focused?

Dear Harry,

We all struggle with focusing from time to time, but when your grades start to suffer, it may be time to take action. One of the biggest distractors is social media. Not to sound like an angry parent, but phones are a huge distraction. We would suggest turning off your phone and electronics and keeping other distractions away while working. There are even some apps like “Forest- Stay Focused” and “Flora- Focus Habit Tracker” that will plant virtual trees and flowers as long as you stay off your phone for a certain amount of time, but will kill the plants if you go on before the timer is up. This can work as a nice motivator to study.
~ Sincerely,Amy

Gummy Bear asks: How do I tell someone they smell?

Dear Gummy Bear,
In this situation the most important thing is to remember to be gentle. You must remember to take their feelings into account. Do it in a way that is polite and private. If you call them out in front of others that will make them feel embarrassed. Or, if you would rather not be confrontational, talk to a teacher about it. I’m sure they would be glad to talk to the student for you in a nice way. Just remember to always be kind.
~Sincerely, Amy