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Another school year has started and with that, new friends, experiences, and changes are sure to follow. When school starts, we, as students, all know how we feel. What about the people that run our school? We decided to ask the administrators what they thought about the new school year.
Question 1​: What are you most excited about this school year?
Officer Cato: “All the new faces and the ‘Donuts with a Cop’ on Fridays.”
Mr. Newell: “I am so excited to welcome our new students and staff. Last year, I heard so many positives about the 9th-grade class, and I am excited to see what they are going to bring to CMHS! Additionally, we have some great new staff members who are going to do amazing things with our students. As always, I love seeing the accomplishments of our seniors. It is incredible watching the seniors get awards, accepted into colleges, enlisting in the military, or getting hired for employment.”
Mrs. Norris: “I am most excited about getting to know the Freshman class and helping students find success at school.”
Mr. Hannaford: “I love anything new. Change is good and I look forward to incoming freshmen mixing in and being a part of a great Eagle Community. I enjoy seeing each and every sports team strive for excellence and I love to see coaches push kids to be their best.”
Question 2​: The new theme for this year is “Whatever it Takes”. What does that mean to you?
Officer Cato: “To me, this means that I will do whatever it takes to build relationships with kids and break down the wall that exists between the police and the youth.”
Mr. Newell: “For me, ‘Whatever It Takes’ means going the extra mile to ensure that you accomplish your goals and make your dreams come true. ‘Whatever It Takes’ means going to tutoring so that you can get that A on your calculus test. ‘Whatever It Takes’ means staying at practice shooting extra free throws so that you can make the shot when it is needed. ‘Whatever It Takes’ means helping a peer in need, because you can change their day. ‘Whatever It Takes’ means putting in the work, the energy, and the passion because a better you is right around the corner!”
Mrs. Norris: “‘Whatever it Takes’ to me, means going the extra mile to help kids find success in all areas.”
Mr. Hannaford: “Sometimes life is hard and we need extra motivation to succeed. I want people to know, there is only one way to fail and that is to quit. Quitting is the easy thing to do and I believe we all have to learn how to persevere even when “the going gets tough.” Often we can find success in life, in school, in sports, etc if we just find a strategy that works for us. In other way, do “whatever it takes” to reach our full potential.”
Question 3​: What are the biggest changes students will notice this year?
Officer Cato: “I think the biggest change is having to walk to the front of the building after the doors lock.”

Mr. Newell: “I think the new sign-in/sign out procedures when needing to leave the classroom to access the main office, nurse’s office, or school counseling office. This change will allow us to more efficiently serve students to ensure that they do not miss instructional time with their teachers. Plus, the new Cafè department rotation will be a significant change for students. We must ensure that students are maximizing their time in the classroom.”
Mrs. Norris: “The biggest changes consist of the new truancy policy, appointment center and class rotation with the cafe.”
Mr. Hannaford: “Probably the biggest change athletically is a few coaches have changed. Mr. Lemond will be the head coach for Girls Golf and for Boys Tennis. Mr. Reynolds will be the new head coach for the boys basketball program and Mrs. Ochs is the new head coach for the volleyball team. Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Combes, Mrs. Spa and Mrs. Montague are the CM Cheer Coaches this year. If you go to those events, you will notice that the head coaching roles have changed.”