Homecoming information

Homecoming information

It’s that time of year again, everyone! Fall weather is around the corner, mountains of homework are being delivered to us daily, and football season is in full swing. And with football season comes one of the most exciting times of all: Homecoming!

This year, spirit week starts on September 30 and goes till October 4, with the dance being on October 5.

The theme for the dance is “A Night in Paris.” Tickets will go on sale Monday, September 30 and be sold each day until Friday, October 4, during lunch. ​You may not purchase a ticket if you are failing two or more classes, have 12 or more social probation points, have owed consequences from the 2018-19 school year, or have 5 or more unexcused absences.

The Homecoming Parade is October 4 at 3:00 pm. The Coronation Ceremony is on October 5, at 7:00 pm and the dance will start at 8:00 pm.

Spirit Week
Monday – Generations Day
*Seniors​- Senior Citizens
*Juniors​- Middle Aged Adults
*Sophomores​- College Students
*Freshman​- Babies and Toddlers.

Tuesday- Theme Day
*Seniors​- Beach Bums
*Juniors​- Punk Rockers
*Sophomores​- Hippies
*Freshman​- Nerds

Wednesday- Duo Day
*Everyone dresses like a twin, triplet or famous duo

Thursday- Color Day
*Seniors​- Wear Black
*Juniors​- Wear Blue
*Sophomores​- Wear Red
*Freshman​- Wear Green

*Friday- Spirit Day
All students wear Purple and Gold or Eagles Spirit Wear