Flack hits personal best

Flack hits personal best

The Eagles. We hear “Go Eagles” every day here at CM. But an eagle is much more than our school mascot to junior Meredith Flack. In the world of golf, “eagle” is the term used when a golfer scores 2-under par on any individual hole, and Flack recently realized that goal.

Flack earned an eagle on August 28 at Cloverleaf and finished with a personal record of 48. Flack said she was surprised at how well she played that day.

“I actually had a rough day at school, so I thought it would carry on into the match and that I wouldn’t do very well,” she said.

Despite her bad day at school, she was able to tee​ her day off her mind. Her bad luck lurked around her, as a different group ahead of her had played her ball, which was a two-ball penalty for them. On hole five, Flack had an impressive 200-yard drive . This led her to the green where she had another impressive swing of 135 yards. She was able to obtain an eagle and her personal best of 48.

Flack was ecstatic with both her successes and her team’s successes that day.

She said, “The team shot a two-hundred fourteen, I believe, and that’s been our lowest score this season!”