Former Eagle lands at CM


New CM English teacher McKenzie Satterfield is a former Eagle herself.

Satterfield teaches English 2, English 3, and yearbook. She has come to us from Boonville High School in Missouri, where she worked for 2 years.

Satterfield said the chance to work on the yearbook and coach basketball are the highlights of her year. “​I am excited to be the new yearbook advisor, and work with an awesome group of kids to produce the 2020 yearbook. I am also excited about coaching Freshmen Girls Basketball with Coach Trost, who was also a teammate of mine when I played basketball here.”

She says her favorite thing about being a teacher is “ being able to create lifelong relationships with students. I really enjoy getting to know students that I not only teach, but may coach as well. I always valued the relationships I had with my former teachers and coaches, and want to hopefully have the same type of bonds with my own students.”

Her favorite thing about CM is interacting and collaborating with all of the welcoming staff. Her favorite pastimes include hanging out with friends and family, but she also loves to binge watch shows on Netflix and Hulu.

“Thank you to both my students and coworkers for making this transition into a new school such an enjoyable experience for me so far. I am really excited for this school year!”