Cast and crew of Clue announced

Cast and crew of Clue announced

CM drama will present Clue this November.

The cast is as follows:

Wadsworth will be played by Jack McRae; Yvette will be played by Abbi Ottwell; Miss Scarlet will be played by Tanna Hoffman; Mrs. Peacock will be played by Andrea Gray; Mrs. White will be played by Savannah Knapstead; Colonel Mustard will be played by Gavin Witsken; Professor Plum will be played by Wyatt Cooper; Mr. Green will be played by Sam Poulsen; The Motorist will be played by Noah Dunlap; Mr. Boddy will be played by William Wright; and The Cop will be played by Kaili Stanford.

The student director is Molly Williams and the stage manager is Madi Emshousen.

The Ensemble women will include Addie Callies as The Cook, Emily Luck as Auxiliary Scarlet, and Emily Smith as Singing Telegram Girl. The Ensemble men cast includes Gavin Shelton as Auxiliary Wadsworth; Shelton Nauman as FBI agent 1; and Logan Beiermann as Auxiliary Mustard.

The crew members are as follows: Publications lead is Mattie Lively, and publications members are Kimmy Sealey and Hope Rosales. Sound lead is Isabella Garrett, and the sound crew will consist of Mandy Drew, Gannon Meyer and Toni Reynolds. Lights lead is Emily Fitzgerald, and lights lead intern is Caroline Coffman. The rest of the lighting crew consists of Olivia Whitlock and Grace Gross. Lights and sound crew interns are Carter Bloodworth, Haley Greeling, and Ella Voyles. The costume lead is Amelia Canham, joined by costume crew Jaden Devino, Isabella Norton, Madison Reynolds, Raegan Bechel, Jackalynn Woelfel, Emma Smith, and Jessica Hogan. Costume crew interns are Alyssa Mann, Kylie Golden, and Olivia Lyerla. Hair and make-up lead is Meredith Flack, joined by crew members Allie Lively, Madeline Woelfel, Peyton Mormino, April Hornsey, Katherine Schaaf, and Paige Phillips. Make-up crew interns are Korizma Jones, Samara Helton and Kyra Wade.

Lead set designer is Mary Pearson, assisted by Madison Emshousen. Lead set builder is Jenna Bloodworth, joined by Brian Pearson, Elysia Anderson, Austin Prindable, and Luz Spangler. Lead set painter is Sydney Stuart, joined by Jessica Schillinger, Brooke Barker, Morgan Twente, Hannah McCann, Winston Rulo, and Kaitlynn Wickenhouser. Props lead is Madison Emshousen, joined by Gabrielle Nichels, Virginia Sheldon, Guadalupe Calixto, and Kara Janson.

The first crew meeting will be during study hall on Thursday, Sept. 5, in Mrs. Neilson’s room.