CM looks forward to summer!

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It’s that time of year again! Summer is almost here and we decided to go around and ask the students and staff of CMHS what they are going to do on their time off.

Freshman Guadalupe Calixto is going to Mexico to visit her family. Sophomore Mandy Drew is planning on babysitting, watching Netflix, and going to Lake of the Ozarks. Freshman Kara Janssen is going to the Lake of the Ozarks, as well.

Sophomore Isabella Garrett is going to spend lots of time with Larry, her lizard. She also wants to spend time with her friends. Sophomore Chris DeClue says he is doing next to nothing. Junior Kimmy Seeley is going to get her tonsils taken out. Art teacher Chloe Rudloff says she is going to help her sister move into her new living space in Louisiana.

Sophomore Braylen Cox is going to Oklahoma for a softball tournament. Sophomore Maya Wimberly is going to Chicago over summer break.

Junior Mark Eldridge says, “I will be attending a track/cross country camp at Brigham Young University in Utah. I am nervous because it takes place in the mountains, which means it will be harder to breath because the air is thinner.”

Sophomore Evan McIntire is going to work at a kids breakaway camp, then he will attend the camp himself. Evan also says he is going to spend lots of time with his friends.

Sophomore Andrea Gray is going to travel to Florida for two weeks and then to a youth gathering with her best friend in Minnesota. Sophomore Emma Davis is going to a camp in Texas for criminal justice.

History teacher Phil Schneider is going to do summer school, work on his thesis, and fix up his house. Sophomore Meredith Flack is going with her family to Arizona and plans on spending time with friends and family. Madison McCabe is going to babysit, travel to florida with her family, and go camping in Missouri. Sophomore Amelia Canham plans on sleeping throughout this summer. Sophomore Molly Williams will be swimming as much as humanly possible as well as playing games.

As you can see everyone is up to all kinds of things this summer. What will you do? Whether it is swimming, sleeping, or hanging out with friends the Eaglet wishes you the best of fun this summer!

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