Shrek opens at CM

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Shrek the Musical opens this weekend at CM. The show starts at 7:30 on Friday and Saturday night, and 2 p.m. on Sunday.

The directors and cast, as well as the crew, are working hard to make this show come together.

Director Michaela Davis said, “Shrek the Musical is coming along wonderfully! The week before the show (this week) is where we get to see all of the hard work from all of the different areas come together: the cast, stage crew, props, costumes, lights, and sound. Without all of these different groups doing their part, the production doesn’t shine quite as brightly as it could. It goes without saying, but every student has been doing their part so wonderfully for this show as it comes closer to performance nights.”

Senior Emily Williams, student director said, “Rehearsals are going spectacularly and I feel that we are ready for opening night and can’t wait for everyone to come and see all of our hard work! I love the cast and crew of Shrek. We really are like family and getting to put on such a fun and lovable show with my favorite people is my favorite thing in the whole world! I am so proud to have been
involved in the shows the way I have all of these years and highly encourage anyone interested to come to join (drama). It was the best decision I ever made!”

Angie Neilson, another faculty director said, “ I think rehearsal is going great! We are very fortunate to have hard-working, passionate students choose us as their
extracurricular activity. They put a lot their time, energy, and heart into these
productions and it definitely shows. We are prepared for opening night and can’t wait to showcase all of the hard work!”

Neilson also said her favorite part about this musical is the choreography.

Senior Brayden Shirley, who is playing the role of Shrek, said, “Throughout this
entire production, I’ve felt the joy and support of almost everyone on both cast and crew. It’s overwhelmingly amazing to have such a support group to look to when in need of something. As both a group and individual, I’d say we’re pretty well prepared for the show and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. This is my final show, so I’m going to miss the people involved as I graduate high school.”

Sophomore Emily Smith, who plays Fiona, said, “This production has been an amazing
experience for me and I believe everyone else involved. We all worked together and
made quick progress at the beginning of the show. This is my third production, and with each show, I am so impressed with all of the talented cast and crew members. My favorite part of drama and the thing I will miss most is the great people that I get to see and work with every day. So many shared experiences and friendships have made drama a treasured part of my high school experience.”

Lord Farquaad, portrayed by Junior Wyatt Cooper, also loves the friendships made in drama: “I think one of the sole reasons I keep coming back to drama is
because I love the people involved. I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered as great of a concentration of kind or otherwise interesting people as I have in drama. When the show is over, I think the thing I will miss most is the fun, lighthearted energy that comes with rehearsals.” Cooper was asked if he felt prepared, and if he thought the cast as a whole was doing. “As an individual, I’m never prepared for a show until like three days prior; otherwise I feel like the group as a whole is doing very well.”

One of the stage managers, sophomore Molly Williams, said, “This show is moving
along marvelously! I’m extremely impressed with the work and efforts of our cast and crew, who must have been a gift from the theatre gods. I’ve been having so much fun working with costumes, which will without a doubt be my favorite part of this show, and hopefully, it’s the audience’s, too.”

Sophomore Isabella Garrett, head of sound, goes into detail about what she
enjoys about this show. “What I am enjoying most about this production is getting to use the new tech equipment. I feel as though this production is going rather smoothly considering the fact that we have a completely new sound crew and equipment.”

Garrett got sentimental talking about this being the last show for senior crew members. “The thing I will miss most about this show is our beloved crew member, senior, Emily ‘Pip’ Pipkin. She is an important asset to our team and we will all miss her so much.”

Costumes are a major part of this production. Sophomore Amelia Canham is in charge of the costume spectrum in this show. “I love our current production! The people, the scenes, the costumes, it’s all just fantastic! All the costumes are coming along all thanks to my crew and stage manager, Molly Williams. I don’t know
what we’d do without all of them.”

Along with costumes, sets are very important. The setting and some visual aid are provided by stage crew. Junior Mary Pearson, head of stage crew, said, “I think this production is coming along pretty great. There are around 16 set changes and it can be pretty stressful backstage.”

Head of makeup, senior Josie Johnson, said, “For the fairytale creatures, I want
them to be bright and bold! The Sugar Plum Fairy needs all the glitter possible. The makeup crew and I want to make each character stand out and be unique in their own way. Multiple fairytale creatures will have prosthetics to have more facial features. We plan on making them as realistic as possible! I am very grateful and proud of all the cast and crew. I’ve seen all the hard work that has gone into this musical and it’s going to be great! I highly recommend coming to see it, because it’s going to be a good one!”

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