CM celebrates Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air! It’s time for Valentine’s Day—the day you share with your significant other or stay at home by yourself and gorge yourself on chocolate.

A couple fun facts about Valentine’s Day: every year, more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the country, Valentine’s Day is the second biggest card-giving holiday right after Christmas, and nearly 9 million people give their pets a present on Valentine’s Day!

We asked around our school to find out what students and teachers are doing for this special day.

Sophomore Molly Williams says that she is going to take a walk around town, go on a date, and sit by the pond in the cemetery. Junior Kimmy Seely is going to hanging out with a couple of friends all day. Sophomore Madison McCabe says her family usually goes out to eat lunch on half days. “I see Valentine’s Day as just a day to spend time with the ones I love and not entirely about a day for romantic relationships,” says McCabe.

The day after Valentine’s Day, art teacher Chloe Rudloff says she is going to an art opening with some of her college friends. Sophomore Nick Ritchie is going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Sophomore Nick Ritchie is going to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Sophomore Riley Betts is going with Tri-M (music honors society) to sing at Cedarhurst. Junior Sydney Stuart is going out to lunch with Will, her boyfriend and then going to scholar bowl afterward.

Valentine’s Day offers many opportunities. Maybe you can get some friends together, spend time with that special someone, or even go out to eat. Whatever you do, we hope that you enjoy your Valentine’s day!

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