Shrek comes to CM stage

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Yes, the rumors are true…Shrek the Musical is coming to Civic Memorial High School! The musical was officially announced December 10, just a couple days after finishing our fall play, Peter Pan and Wendy. Michaela Davis will be the director alongside Angie Neilson. Both have been a part of the musical direction in past productions.
Davis states there is a huge cast list and will be needed to be filled by anyone interested in auditioning.
Rehearsal auditions will take place Wednesday, December 12th and 14th. The sign-up sheet will be on Davis’s office door found in the auditorium. The rehearsal auditions are for anyone interested in practicing and getting help from Davis and Neilson before the real auditions, which take place on December 17th. All auditions will be open auditions, which are only available to be seen by your fellow auditioning classmates. Callbacks, if necessary, will be December 19th.
People interested in auditioning should prepare a speaking part, which may be acted out with another performing student. As well as a song from the soundtrack. Everything needed to prepare for your audition can be found on Davis’ website ( ) under the tab “CMHS MUSICAL.”
Let’s say acting and singing isn’t your thing, but you would still like to be a part of this production. Crew is the option for you! Sets and props, lights and sound, hair and makeup, costumes, and advertising are all the crew jobs that are available. If you are interested in being a part of the crew, there are forms you can fill out in Neilson’s room. Forms will be due shortly after they are available to students so don’t procrastinate!
Listings for cast and crew will be posted at the same time on the auditorium doors most likely sometime before everyone leaves for Christmas break.
Sophomore Emily Luck, former crew lead, says she is going to continue working on makeup and hair for the musical. Sophomore Mandy Drew is going to try out lights and sound for this production. Drew also says she is excited to hear the music. Senior Emily Pipkin is also excited for the music aspect of this production.
Freshman Virginia Shelton says she is looking forward to hanging out with the continuing cast and crew members from the 2018 fall play. Sophomore Andrea Gray feels the same as Shelton. “It’s exciting to be a part of a musical I know of and enjoy listening to,” says Sophomore Madison McCabe.

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