CM preps for finals

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Finals are a good way to assess everything you’ve learned throughout the semester. However, actually studying and preparing for exams can be very stressful. Taking a test worth 20% of your final grade is very worrisome.

Freshman Samara Helton says she is worried the most about her biology final. Freshman Madison Reynolds says she’s most worried about her band, geometry, and Spanish finals.

Sophomore Madison McCabe says she’s a little nervous about memorizing all of the theorems and postulates in geometry, sometimes they are all similar and can be hard to tell which is which. Sophomore Molly Williams said if she was going to study for finals, she would study for environmental science.

Senior Sophia Blagoue says she is really scared for her pre-calculus final. Blagoue also believes that art and other similar classes should not have required final exams.

Some teachers have ideas similar to Blagoue:
Michaela Davis says that she does not like giving tests in band because it is a performance-based class that should not require testing such as finals. “I think our concerts should be considered finals,” Davis says. Even though there are lots of music terms you have to know, another part is being able to use those terms while making music.

Sophomore Andrea Gray says she completes all of the study guides her teachers have given her and uses them to study for each class. Sophomore Hope Rosales says she is going to study every night before her exams. Freshman Jack McRae says he plans on keeping all his notes from the semester and go over them before the final.

Senior Emily Pipkin says she procrastinates until the day of along with many, many other students. Lots of other students say they don’t even study for finals and just wing it.

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