Snow day confessions

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Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21. However, all the leaves on the trees have fallen and it definitely feels like winter. So far, we’ve had one snow day. Staff and students have vastly different approaches to a surprise day off from CM.

Some put their nose to the grindstone on a snow day.
Junior Elliott Deardeuff said he helped his mom shampoo their carpet. Sophomore Isabella Garrett cleaned her bathroom.

Dolores Smith, English teacher, said she usually catches up on her work and grade her students’ papers.

Senior Brennon Friemannn was called into work on his day off.

Other students and teachers take advantage of the free time to relax and partake in favorite leisure activities they may not have time for during a typical school day.

Freshman Nathan Mikoff lifted weights and slept most of the day. Freshman Brian Pearson said he sat at home and did nothing.

Heather Wallace, science teacher, played outside in the snow with her kids and then took a nap. Sophomore Maya Wimberly said her favorite thing about snow days is getting to relax at home.

Watching movies and television shows is a popular activity for many.

“Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies,” said sophomore April Hornsey.

Band director Michaela Davis watched the new Harry Potter movie. Sophomore Mandy Drew watched Criminal Minds on Netflix. But, she also did some dishes.

Outdoor activities are also popular.

Sophomore Jack Walker played in the snow, as did sophomore Olivia Whitlock. Sophomore Jenna Bloodworth played with her younger siblings outside in the snow. Freshman Dakota Nolte made a snowman with her siblings. ​Sophomore Reese Borth also built a snowman.

Others fill their day with a variety of different activities.

Junior Noah Zimmerman went to work, hung out with friends, then got ready to go hunting the next morning. Sophomore Hannah Butkovich went to IHOP, worked on homework, and shoveled snow.
Junior Sidney Martin babysat and went sledding.

The relaxed feel of a snow day is appreciated by teachers and students alike.

Charlie Baldwin, social studies teacher, said he appreciates a slower start to the day. “I like having the time to wake up slowly, maybe read a book and drink some coffee. I also like not having to worry about driving in the snow and ice.”

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