CM Thanksgiving = Food, family, football

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Did you know Thanksgiving has been celebrated since 1621? That’s almost 400 years! However, it was never considered a national holiday until 1863, 200 years later. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and CM staff and students have some big plans for the iconic American holiday.
Michaela Davis, band director at CM says she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Senior Sara Markins agrees with Davis. Sophomore Mandy Drew states that her favorite part about Thanksgiving is the food and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Sophomore Madison McCabe, freshmen Jordan Shields and Griffin Crump all say their favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving Day is pumpkin pie.
Junior Madison Emshousen says she’s most looking forward to sliced cranberries, homemade creamed corn, and Caesar salad. Sophomore Emily Luck is also looking forward to the homemade food and desserts.
Sophomore Jace Pryor says his family is coming over and they’re going to watch football. Math teacher Brad Gruen says he’s spending time with both sides of the family and going to his grandma’s house. Then that night he’s planning on going Black Friday shopping. Saturday, he says they go to his in-law’s house and eat lots of amazing food.
Emily Fitzgerald says her favorite Thanksgiving memory was when she and her cousins played a big game of football in the leaves. Isabella Garrett’s favorite Thanksgiving memory was when she went down to Georgia to meet with her family.

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