Freshmen settling in

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We all remember the first day of freshman year. Scary right? A huge school with new teachers and classes. The hallways that lead to who knows where and all of the new people that you have never gone to school with. It’s intimidating.

Freshman Jessica Schillinger said, “It was hard to be put into a school with a bunch of new people that I didn’t know.”

A lot of freshmen were nervous for the 2018-2019 school year, but after first quarter everyone seems to be settling in.
Freshman English teacher, Jacob Carlson says, “I think the hardest thing about being an incoming freshman is figuring out how to follow the new schedule in an unfamiliar building. Though we teachers are always prepared to help guide students to the right places those first few weeks, I was heartened by how many upperclassmen kindly assisted the freshmen. You can look far and wide, but we have the best students right here at CM!”

Many people who are involved in sports, clubs, and after school activities are finding it a lot easier to settle in. Freshman Aiden Vanderford said that he feels pretty good after first quarter because he has gotten to know lots of new people. Vanderford is a part of the CMHS band and has made lots of new friends this year.

Many freshmen have gotten involved in sports, clubs, the play and in band and choir. Freshman Allie Lively, who has been involved in several sports and clubs, said,”So far I think my favorite part about high school is how easy it is to get involved any try new things! I have really enjoyed joining different clubs and sports teams and making new friends through them!”

Both Schillinger and Vanderford agree that the scariest part about coming to CM was all the new people. But look around now; many of us have made freshmen friends and they are all finding new groups of friends to hang out with.

Ally Clendenny said, “My favorite part of coming to CM is meeting a lot of new people and becoming friends with a lot of different people. I don’t like coming out of my shell, but I’ve done it a lot this year!”

Thanks to our students, staff, activities, clubs, and sports the freshmen class has really found a way to settle into CMHS.

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