CM rocks Halloween

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Halloween is here! As we drive around, we see the spooky decorations and the scary movies start to come onto tv. Some people make a big deal out of Halloween while others just think of it as another regular day. On Halloween night streets will be filled with happy children waiting to get candy. But now that we are too old to go trick or treating even though some of you could probably pass off as a child, we have to find other things to do.

Some of the CM students have some plans for Halloween this year.
Sophomore Meriah Phillips has eagerly agreed to do some of her friends and families Halloween makeup. She says makeup is one of the many things she loves doing around Halloween time because each look is a different personality. She states, “It’s the one night everyone can be whatever they choose without any second guessing.”

Junior Stella Smith will be going to a pumpkin patch with her dog and close friends.

Senior Sidney Skaggs will be going to a Hobo Johnson concert.

Senior Jaima Knight will be trick-or-treating with her family. She will also be participating in the Bethalto Halloween parade with her color guard team. She also plans on going to the Wood River and Edwardsville Halloween parades.

Senior Emily Welch will be having a bonfire at her home while handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

Senior Kaitlyn Depping will be going to her grandparents’ house with her cousins and will hand out candy and eat lots of food.

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