CM celebrates love

CM celebrates love

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that inspires people to celebrate their significant other. CM students and staff are celebrating in all kinds of ways.

Some of our students and teachers have some very exciting plans for this day. Take Junior Gabi Harlan. She plans on surprising her boyfriend Hunter Mertz with Little Xan concert tickets. “I’m going to make a fake TWIRP poster and let him read it then say look on the back and the tickets will be on the back of the poster,” Harlan said.

Kyle Zipprich, junior, is getting creative for his boyfriend this year. “I am making an exploding box,” he said. “I’m gonna put pictures on the box and have it folded up into an envelope.”

Others, like Hunter Hatfield, like to keep it a little more traditional and simple. “I’m taking Dani to Texas Roadhouse,” he said.

Some of our teachers like to keep plans simple, too. Jacob Carlson, an English teacher, has been with his wife for eight years, and he’s taking her to a restaurant in Alton. They decided to not get each other gifts this year. But Carlson said that he won’t abide by that agreement.

“Even though we said no gifts I can’t just not get anything. I’ll probably get flowers,” said Carlson.

Sydney Fowler, senior, and Ryan Davis, senior, are truly going gift-free this year, but will take advantage of after-holiday sales. “We are choosing to not do gifts and decided to have an evening to ourselves with dinner and a movie afterwards,” Fowler explains. “After Valentine’s Day has passes, we’re going to have a night of 50% off candy and cheesy movies.”

Bailey Thompson, junior, is being sugary sweet for her boyfriend, Dylan Crane, junior, this year. “I’m printing our picture out from this year for our memory box,” she said, “I am also making him chocolate-covered strawberries.”

Work schedules can complicate Valentine’s Day. Carlson’s student teacher Miss LeCroy plans to go to the Melting Pot in Clayton for dinner with her boyfriend. “That’s our plan, but he works at Reb Lobster, and you’re not allowed to call off on Valentine’s Day, so I don’t know if we will be able to go,” she said. LeCroy hasn’t gotten a gift yet, but plans on buying him some sort of spicy food.

Even single people have some plans for the big day. Alyssa Paslay, junior, says, “All I need is myself and I’m probably going to just buy myself some candy and watch romantic movies all night.”

Others, like junior Emily Welch, have to work. Welch works at LaBest Pet Resort, “I’m going to get puppy kisses all night,” she said.