Snow day confessions

Snow day confessions

Winter has come upon us and that means snow. When we think of snow, we think of snow days. Who doesn’t love sitting around the house not having to worry about going to school?

Teachers like a snow day just as much as students.

Jacob Carlson, an English teacher, said, “Yes, I absolutely love unexpected days off and I like school going into the summer months. I prefer to be inside in the warmer months than in the colder months. I put on my boots and winter clothes and go outside in the snow. I like to walk up and down the path in the arboretum.”

Then only downside is that he can’t share his snow day adventures with his wife, Christina, who works at the St. Louis Science Center. “My wife still has to go to work even if there is a snow day,” he said.

Students also enjoy snow days.

Snow days give some students who work time to themselves before they have to report to their jobs.

Junior Emily Welch likes snow days precisely for that reason. “It gives me time to relax before going to work,” she said.

Sleeping in, watching television, and playing video games are some favorite activities for students on snow days. Kaitlyn Depping does exactly that. “I sleep till nine, then I eat all day, watch tv, and play Sims.”

Bethalto has had two snow days so far—Jan. 4 and Jan. 16. Both of those days were due to dangerous wind chill. The last day of school was originally scheduled for May 18 with an early dismissal for a school improvement day. but currently the school year will end on May 22.

When school districts plan their annual school calendar, they are required to include a minimum of five proposed emergency days. According to the Illinois school code, “If a district uses all of its proposed emergency days, the district may apply for Act of God Days. These days must be approved by the Regional Superintendent and the State Superintendent of Education. Act of God Days reduce the required number of student attendance days, but do not negatively impact General State Aid.”