CM now offering college-credit history


Three history classes are required to graduate from high school, and now one of those classes can also earn CM students college credit.

A U.S. history course is the newest Lewis and Clark Community College course to be offered at CM. Courses that students take to earn both college and high school credit are known as “dual-credit.” This particular course is open to juniors and seniors.

CM teacher Suze Gibson is the instructor. Gibson, who has a master’s degree in art history, currently has 21 hours toward her master’s degree in history. Her bachelor’s degree is also in history. She is a special education teacher at CM. High school teachers who teach dual-credit courses must have a master’s degree in the discipline area and career/occupational instructors must have baccalaureate degrees in the discipline and related work experience.

Gibson said the class covers more material in a shorter amount of time than the high school version.

“It is not unusual for the class to cover two chapters of the textbook in one week,” said Gibson. Current students have been overwhelmed at times. “It definitely began with shock, and perhaps some students wished they had not chosen this class,” she said.

Junior Ryan Pierce said he is feeling overwhelmed with the class. “So far I’m really hoping this isn’t what college is like. Lots of notes. Lots and lots of notes.”

The current history course sequence for CM students consists of taking civics as a freshman, world history as a sophomore, and U.S. history as a junior.

The college U.S. history course is worth six college credit hours. Students who are interested in this class must have successfully completed English Honors 2.

CM has extensive dual-credit offerings across a variety of disciplines: Spanish, Introduction to Mass Communication, Introduction to Journalism, Speech, English, Psychology, Computer Literacy, Career Development, Web Page Design, Algebra Advantage, College Algebra, Calculus & Analytical Geometry, Machine Shop, Mechanical Drafting, and Welding Technology.