Troeckler stays humble

Troeckler stays humble

The stands were filled. The crowd was lively and loud for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. Our fans were proud as senior Allie Troeckler made her eighth basket of the night at the home game against Collinsville.

However, this wasn’t any ordinary basket: this was historical.

Allie Troeckler broke the record for most points scored in a high school career, which was previously set by Katie Broadway in 2008. Troeckler considers her an inspiration.

“Her father was one of my first basketball coaches, so I grew up knowing who she was. We would watch her college games, so she was the one basketball player I looked up to,” Truckler said.

Broadway made her way down to the court to congratulate Troeckler and take a few photos for the local newspapers. It was truly a moment the audience would never forget.

Troeckler then made her way to the bleachers to find her family, and she tossed the basketball to her mother to keep for the rest of the game.

While this might be the biggest record Troeckler has broken, this most definitely isn’t the first: she is one of the few basketball players in our school to ever reach 2,000 points in a career, she was Girls’ Basketball Player of the Year in The Advantage newspaper this year, and she is now considered one of the best basketball players our area has ever seen.

Troeckler is aware of these accomplishments, but she claimed this was never her goal when she started playing at CM four years ago.

“I didn’t even really realize all the records that they keep, so reaching these was never a thought of mine until they started happening,” said Troeckler.

Since this is only the beginning of the season, we can expect many more accomplishments from Troeckler before she moves on to play basketball at SIUE. However, her priorities have not shifted from what has always been her goal.

“The accomplishment that I reached doesn’t really make me feel any different; the drive has always been to help the team succeed, and this record doesn’t change things at all.”